Tensions rise at abortion rally at Fargo City Hall

A rally organized by the North Dakota WIN Abortion Access Fund impacts the F-M community

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — The rally didn’t escalate to violence but protesters mixed words on the front lines.

There were several speakers from state legislators to community leaders

The message was they aren’t done fighting and they will continue to push for legalized abortion in North Dakota

Dozens chanted, held signs and marched through downtown screaming things like Bans off our bodies
and My body my choice.

“They’re on a journey just like we’re on a journey and there’s hope for all of us in Christ and so, we’re just here to really be ambassadors of kindness and love that’s all. We’re not here for trouble or looking to try and hurt anybody, we want people to know that God is love and there’s hope for them,” said Pastor Sean Bowman, the Senior Pastor at Victory Lutheran Brethren Church.

“The energy tonight was very much so protect, everybody that was here for the rally you know instantly great at desolating things. We don’t want to have a commotion, we just want our message out there. The one good thing to not is just that the red river women’s clinic has turned a lawsuit essentially saying that this is unconstitutional. So basically the message is that we’re not done yet. We’re still fighting and we’re still planning to provide abortions in North Dakota,” said Caitlin Wachsmugh of the North Dakota WIN Access Board.

The Red River Women’s Clinic did raise over a million dollars in a go fund me to relocate to a new building in Moorhead.

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