Sen. Kevin Cramer Opposed to Fufeng Land Purchase in Grand Forks

WASHINGTON, D.C. (KVRR) — Months after the process began and even city council approval in Grand Forks, Sen. Kevin Cramer has gone from skeptical earlier this year to opposed to the Fufeng group’s purchase of land for a corn milling plant.

Appearing on Fox & Friends, Cramer highlighted what he calls national security concerns about the land purchase by the Chinese food manufacturer since Grand Forks Air Force Base is about 15 minutes away.

The $700 million project has drawn criticism from locals over water, air and traffic impacts.

Cramer and Sen. John Hoeven have both called on the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States to review the purchase.

“I think when the investment opportunity first came it was not known that the chairman was an activist in the Chinese government party,” said Cramer.

“As soon as that concern became known we should have gotten out of it, now though we are seeking further review from a national defense perspective. I’m confident that we’ll find lots of concerns in the federal government.”

Earlier this year, Grand Forks Mayor Brandon Bochenski said he was aware of Cramer’s concerns and said that’s why the city is doing its due diligence in vetting the project.


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