LIVE: Active Shooter Scenario at Fargo City Hall

Why city leaders are getting ready for gunfire today.

Mass shootings are becoming a weekly occurrence in the U-S., and they are showing no signs of slowing down.

And that’s why since 2018, Fargo city leaders have been preparing for this day.

They’re shutting down city hall to train workers there for what to do in the event a gunman walks into the public building and begins to open fire.

The training event is supposed to simulate a real-life shooter situation, and it involves city workers, Fargo police, and the fire department.

The planning and preparation took so long because the pandemic interrupted the process, says Brady Scribner, the city’s emergency management specialist.

Scribner says the city hall setting is a critical one in part because people who come to city hall often are under stress from property issues or other problems they see with the city, which could potentially lead to conflict.

The city’s already taken some measures for safety, including having safety personnel in place.

But it remains a public space, and that’s why it’s time for city workers to get trained on the hide, flight or fight response, Scribner said.

Brady sat down on the Morning Show to talk with Emily Welker about what to expect from today’s active shooter scenario training.

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