LIVE: Farmers Under Pressure

Bell Bank's Ag Views Live is back and it's just in time for some major challenges for farmers, including a global food shortage.

Agricultural producers in our region are under pressure like maybe ever before.

It’s due in part to the food scarcity around the globe that’s leading to hunger here at home, and worldwide.

And next week, farming leaders are gathering in Fargo to figure out how to handle it.

Some of the same issues the average person is facing are hitting farmers too.

Supply chain problems and increased costs are making it hard for farmers to get the basic things they need to keep farms running.

What’s also an issue — the Russian invasion of Ukraine is taking a lot of the grain out of the world supply.

That’s making it hard particularly on developing nations, some of which, in the Horn of Africa, are also suffering under prolonged drought.

And while farmers here aren’t struggling to grow, the challenge is getting it to those parts of the world, which are often the ones with the fewest financial resources to buy it.

All those current circumstances do come with a silver lining, though.

Commodities prices have been setting records, and this year’s harvest looks to have rebounded spectacularly from the bad growing conditions this spring.

Bell Bank’s Lynn Paulsen sat down for a live interview on the Morning Show to talk about what else producers are facing and why he’s still nervous about what’s to come.

For more information on Monday’s conference:

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