LIVE: New School Year Starts

New school year, new school board.

Believe it or not, the new school year starts in less than a month for the region’s biggest district.

And that’s not the only thing that’s new.

Four of the five Fargo school board members elected for this term are newcomers to the board.

Among them is Melissa Burkland, who was the top vote-getter in this summer’s election.

Burkland reflects a trend we’ve seen nationwide, after two back-to-back pandemic school years made for tough times for schools, parents and board members.

It led to a wave of incumbents bowing out in districts around the country, citing at-times contentious public meetings and communications with parents and other community members.

That left it to newcomers like Burkland to bring a fresh approach to school leadership.

Burkland said there are some serious challenges ahead facing Fargo schools this year, including attracting and retaining teachers.

She said they’ll need to work to change what she calls an unprecedented teacher shortage.

There’s also concern that parents are facing additional pressure as the end of covid-era free lunches for students comes to an end this year.

It comes just as inflation is already squeezing parents’ budgets tighter than before.

Burkland sat down for a live in-studio interview with the Morning Show about what parents should know about the special challenges ahead for this year.

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