Walz And Jensen Debate The Issues at FarmFest 2022

Farmfest 080322
Gov. Tim Walz (D), moderator & Dr. Scott Jensen (R)

MORGAN, Minn. (KVRR) — Minnesota’s two main candidates for governor debate for the first time at FarmFest.

The debate between DFL Gov. Tim Walz and Republican-endorsed challenger Scott Jensen happened Wednesday morning during FarmFest’s Minnesota Governor Candidate Forum.

A large crowd was in attendance near Redwood Falls.

The candidates touched on everything from farm issues and climate change to the economy.

Walz claimed Jensen is “rooting to see Minnesota fail” despite low unemployment and rising wages.

Both men talked about expanding export opportunities for Minnesota producers.

“If you want to really know how to get exports up lets make sure that farms cam be profitable,” said Jensen.

“That means we talk about cost of goods, what are you paying for fertilizer? Why is there an additional tax on it?”

“We are competing globally, we are creating trade deals together and the folks in this room made that happen,” said Walz.

“It’s not a theory about global economic it’s about what are the results. Minnesota is exporting globally as well as any state right now.”

So far the two campaigns have not yet agreed to additional debates.

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