ND educators tour Camp Grafton for a day in the life with the Army National Guard

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — Teachers and educators across the state are at Camp Grafton in an interactive tour to see what it’s like to be in North Dakota’s Army National Guard for a day.

The Fargo crew made it to Camp Grafton via Black Hawk helicopter flying from Hector International Airport.

With up to 12 people in three groups, educators had a chance to tour their regional training center.

“This training institute, I would say, is the number one engineering training site in the nation. We have everybody from all over active duty, reserves that come up here to do their training. Some trainings that are only offered up here. I think that sets us apart as a state in general with the facilities that we have up here at Camp Grafton.”

Teachers also went through a combat simulation and a repellant tower to give a taste of what Army life is like.

As you see, my form needs work. Luckily I still have a day job. For now.

The North Dakota Army National Guard is federally funded and says giving back to the community is the least they can do.

“We’re all about our communities and so bringing in local teachers, educators and things like that and bringing them up to Camp Grafton where we do our training sites at. Showing them our training institute and possibilities that we have for training future soldiers. Letting them go down our repel tower, through our combat simulators, they can kinda see that side of it. Just, kinda showing them what’s its like in a day of a soldier in training.”

Some of the educators were surprised when they gained new perspectives after going through a day in the Army.

“It’s kind of an eye-opener. I didn’t realize Camp Grafton was as big as it is. Some of the things they do, if I were a little younger, I’d probably sign up. I felt pretty honored that i got asked to come along with a whole bunch of other educators from the state of North Dakota. It’s huge to get more familiar with this stuff and have our schools and get these kids more familiar with the military and the guard. Very educational.”

A former teacher turned principal is excited to see how her students can benefit from the state’s Army National Guard.

“We talk a lot about wanting students to have choices in North Dakota high schools and at West Fargo High. Whether they want to go college, career or military, our job is to help open up all of those doors for them. I think one of the things I’m taking back is the connection between trades, students who want to go into industry right away and the opportunities they have here at the guard. If I have a student who wants to become an electrician, this could be a very real pathway for them that could help them earn some credit, make some money, serve their country all at the same time.”

The North Dakota Army National Guard says they may have plans to expand the Camp Grafton trip overnight so people can get the full experience.

It might take a couple of years before that would happen because of potential liability.

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