FM Pride Parade attracts thousands for record numbers

The Fargo Moorhead Summer Pride Parade sees record numbers this year, organizers say this turnout is the biggest by far in their 22 year history.

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — People lined up at NP and 4th Street North to see floats.

We caught up with organizers and people there at Broadway Square for event reaction.

Organizers are thrilled to see the growth

“It’s so important for people to be able to be around others that they see likeness in, and feel represented. So when everyone is able to come together and feel like they can be themselves and have community, it means everything,” said Chelsea Diederich, F-M Pride Planning Committee Chair.

David Triptow looks forward to this event every year

“I was someone that came out when I was like 14 years old so like, there’s been such a long journey. It’s just been such an amazing experience to be able to be around people, that are all about love, they’re all about community and taking care of each other,” said David Triptow, Fargo.

He says that love and support were crucial to his development as a person and now it’s inspired him to do the same for others.

“To support other people and make sure that people are feeling supported not just like this weekend but really like throughout the whole year,” said Triptow.

People say the event had joyful vibes and people were fired up after one local politician’s speech.

“Well I think Fargo Moorhead, West Fargo is a great inclusive community, whether you know, we see it at city hall, in the county offices, said State Rep. Joshua Boschee, Minority Caucus Leader.

“We have so many wonderful sponsors, volunteers, and businesses that are just hopping at the chance to work with us,” said Diederich.

They feel that unity is key.

“Summer pride… we’re always looking to just grow it, have more people join us, add new exciting events.”

“We recognize that we do better when everyone else does better and so regardless of someone’s sexual orientation, their gender identity, their race, their religion, that when we invest in people and make sure that they can be successful, we all succeed,” said Boschee.

Organizers say they’re happy Winter Pride will be returning this year after being cancelled for consecutive years because of Covid.


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