N.D. U.S. House Candidates Address Abortion Issue at Prairie Public Debate

Debate 092822

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR/AP) — Prairie Public hosted a debate Tuesday between the candidates for North Dakota’s lone U.S. House seat.

Former Miss America and Harvard Law School graduate Cara Mund is running as an Independent.

She is taking on Republican. Rep. Kelly Armstrong, an attorney and former state party chairman who cruised to re-election victory two years ago.

When Mund entered the race on the issue of abortion rights, Democrats urged their own candidate, Mark Haugen to drop out, and he did.

The candidates debated the hot button issue.

“This isn’t a question about legality or illegality, it’s about giving the decision and the decision powers back to the states where it should have been to begin with,” said Armstrong.

“Personally, I’m pro-life but just more from a philosophical and a policy standpoint these decisions are best left at the state level.”

Mund responded, “When you tell women that they can’t make their own healthcare decisions, you are putting the government in the place of their bedrooms and in their doctors appointments.

And Rep. Armstrong has on his website that healthcare decisions are between a doctor and a patient but it’s different for women and it’s wrong, it is wrong.”

Mund has said she likely would caucus with Republicans if elected.

She would not say whom she supported for president in recent elections.


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