Report: N.D. drivers are the most polite in the nation

FARGO, N.D. (KFGO) – “North Dakota nice” is alive and well on the state’s roadways, so says a recent survey which found that North Dakota has the least aggressive drivers in the country.

Forbes Advisors asked drivers across the country if they’d experienced road rage, tailgating, honking, rude gestures, and being cut-off to identify the states with the most confrontational drivers. Utah came in first, with Missouri, Colorado and Oklahoma not far behind, for the most aggressive drivers.

Overall, 85 percent of drivers surveyed said they’ve experienced at least one form of road rage. Some instances were more tame, like frustrated honking, but other forms had severe consequences with over a fifth of drivers reported witnessing an accident due to road rage.

North Dakotans were least likely in the nation to report that another driver had forced their car off the road, insulted them, or honked at them. Montana, South Dakota, and Minnesota came in 30th, 33rd, and 36th, respectively, in the survey.

To see the Forbes survey, click here.

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