Gov. Walz Attends “Farmers for Walz” Campaign Event in Moorhead

Walz talked about unifying Minnesota's bigger cities with rural areas, and how low the employment rate is compared to past years.

MOORHEAD, M.N. (KVRR) – Minnesota Governor Tim Walz talked about unifying Minnesota’s bigger cities with rural areas.

Local unions and workers are with him and say he has their best interest in mind.

“This is particularly true on important issues like education, healthcare and our freedom to join together in our unions. After talking to hundreds of union members in Minnesota, it is clear that working families in Minnesota trust Governor Tim Walz and want him to stand up for their values,” Andrew Busha with the Western Labor Council said.

“And we need a governor who really understands Greater Minnesota, understands our rule concerns and understands agriculture and we have a governor who doesn’t need to learn on the job. He understands instinctively what the concerns are for rural communities,” DFL State Sen. Kent Eken of Audubon said.

“Minnesota does so many things well. We have the fifth most diverse economy in our state, than any of the other states. We simply understand our strength lies in agriculture, manufacturing, it lies in innovation, it lies in service industries. It lies in having that diversity and bringing us together around that has made us stronger,” Walz said.

He says Minnesota’s education system is among the nation’s best.

Walz also says reducing property taxes for farmers will continue to be his focal points.

“There’s nothing that hits our farmers harder than property taxes. That’s the worst tax there is. The Governor has been strongly working to try and reduce the property tax burden,” Eken said.

“And I have unions standing behind me all the way to top to bottom, when I’ve got farm communities standing with us top to bottom. When we have the small business communities standing there, they know that these are things Minnesota can do together,” Walz said.

Walz says countries overseas are looking to do business with Minnesota because of the successful workforce and increase in exports and trade deals.

“What I expect is people are going to turn out to the polls and they’re going to vote for a hopeful vision for the future rather than a negative vision,” Walz said.

Walz has held a healthy lead over Scott Jensen, the GOP nominee, but polls have tightened in recent weeks.

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