LIVE: Food Connection

Food can make friends. Here's how to find the best of it in the FM.

There’s a food fest breaking out on Facebook for people in the FM area, and you’re invited.

The Facebook group “Fargo-Moorhead Eats” was just created about a year and half ago.

It’s already grown to about 11 thousand members strong.

Founder Rick Gion has been a food-obsessed Fargoan for about 20 years now.

He says he originally created the group just for his personal friends.

But so many people wanted to join in order to share recipes, photos of food, and tips on where to find the best ingredients and menu items in the metro area, he decided to make it a community page.

It shouldn’t have been a surprise, Gion says, since the city is not what it was two decades ago.

Before, it was more a series of chain restaurants with not many locally-owned restaurants and food trucks.

Now, he says, Fargo has a serious food culture.

Gion sat down for a live interview with the Morning Show to talk with Emily Welker about the vibe of the Facebook group, why shows like Diners, Dives and Drive-Throughs like to shoot in Fargo, and why the James Beard Foundation is taking notice of our city.

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