LIVE: Wear Red Day

It's time to get hands-on with your heart health.

February is Heart Month, and this year, awareness is at what may be an all-time high.

That’s after the devastating moment on an NFL field when Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin collapsed during a cardiac arrest, in front of millions of viewers.

That’s why we’re celebrating Wear Red Day once again on the Morning Show, and talking with representatives from the American Heart Association.

They’re pushing us all to learn hands-only CPR, because it’s one of the most reliable ways to save the life of someone you care about who’s having a cardiac incident.

It can happen anywhere, at any time, but chances are it will be someone you know who you’re called upon to save.

The AHA’s Chrissy Meyer Zoomed in live to the Morning Show to talk about why you don’t want to have to think about how to act when you’re in an emergency that could involve a heart attack.

She also talked about Hamlin’s initiative with the AHA to get us learning hands-only CPR, to donate to the cause, and to make sure other people learn all about it too.



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