LIVE: Super Bowl Party Decor with Unglued

Fast, fun DIY decor you can do in a couple hours, leaving you leave you plenty of time to take in the game with your guests.

When the athletes on the field are getting their muscles working, it’s time for you to give your creative muscle a workout as well.

So we turned to the top coach in town, Ashley Morken of downtown Fargo’s Unglued, for her best ideas on DIY decor for a winning Super Bowl party.

She had so many ideas we could barely fit them all into our two-hour show.

She brought everything you could possibly need to make your party as “super” as possible:

First, a decorative table runner “football field,” no sewing required.

Then, accessorize with drinks coasters made with artificial turf and foam hand drink stirrers to go with them.

Serve drinks in glasses decorated with washi tape football “stitches.”

Then, an adorable and tasty tequila gummy bear football stadium as the centerpiece.

She also came with drinks and dessert suggestions, and even a way to incorporate Super Bowl ad bingo into the party proceedings.

Morken showed us how to put together each tasty treat and clever decor item, and none of them require more than a few steps and very little time or artistic talent.

That means you won’t be sidelined long, and will have plenty of time to be out in the party field with your friends and family.

For more creative ideas, products and more, check out the link to Unglued, below.










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