LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Otis

Haircut notwithstanding, this guy is really handsome.

Have you ever come away from the salon with a haircut you just knew wasn’t doing you any favors?

Now imagine having to go on TV with your new ‘do, and you’ll know exactly what Otis is going through.

This fluffy fellow came to the Morning Show with his friend Heather Klefstad from Homeward Animal Shelter, and he’s definitely feeling a draft.

Ordinarily, the white-and-tabby domestic longhair would probably have a beautiful mane to match his luxurious fur and fetching ear tufts.

Instead, he came in to the shelter with some pretty awful matting, so it all had to be shaved off so he can be comfortable.

Fortunately, this charming fellow isn’t letting his questionable haircut faze him.

He’s got a great disposition, and he’s highly trainable, since he’s just as interested in snacks as he is in cuddles.

Plus, haircuts grow out. And in the meantime, sweet Otis is sure to grow on you, too.

For more information about taking this pretty kitty home with you, check out his profile, here:

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