LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Kraft

Do you have a taste for fun? Kraft's your boy.

If you’re thinking a mastiff mix must come complete with that laid-back, sedentary, couch-potato personality that mastiffs have a reputation for, think again.

Kraft is a a big beautiful boy who’s all about being active, and even though he’s two or three years old, he came bouncing into the studio with plenty of puppy energy to play and do tricks and meet new friends.

He is recovering from surgery, so he may be a little wound up after being stuck in the kennel for his recovery time.

But in general, he really likes to play, so you will want a home with some people who can handle a big, strong, high-energy dog.

He is exceptionally treat- and toy-motivated and highly trainable, with a good grasp already of commands like sit, lay, shake, down, stay and so on.

That means he can learn new skills fast and well, which makes him a lot easier to deal with than dogs who have a slower learning curve.

He has a great, baggy face with a lot of character, and a gorgeous reddish coat, so he’s a good-looking guy as well as a smart and friendly one.

If you think Kraft is the treat we think he is, check out his profile, here:


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