LIVE: Get The Garden Party Started

Gardenpalooza's the biggest gardener gathering of the early spring season -- and it's coming up fast.

To heck with the snow from today – you can get your garden on now, six-foot snowdrifts or not.

As a matter of fact, you’d better get moving on the biggest garden party in town pronto.

That’s because the final reservations are going fast for the second annual Gardenpalooza.

It’s a daylong event next month that attracts gardeners from all over the region.

There are sessions that are tried and true favorites for gardeners, like the best tips on tomato growing, lawn care, weed control and soil testing.

But there are also sessions showcasing both the latest and most underused plant varieties, including the ones developed at NDSU.

You can also learn about the fastest-growing trends like canning what you grow, building a pollinator garden, navigating the harsh weather of the region, and what kinds of fruits, nuts and veggie thrive in it.

Ndsu horticulturist Don Kinzler says this tough winter and all the snow is actually a good thing for our gardens.

The soil is only frozen down to about 2 feet, and it’s frozen at about 32 degrees, unlike some years when it’s frozen at zero degrees, six feet deep.

Kinzler says that means when the snow does melt, that gives it plenty of dry area in the soil to sink into rather than leaving it so saturated it’s unworkable.

That means when the thaw hits, it’ll be ready for planting within a few days.

Kinzler stopped in to the Morning Show to talk live with Emily Welker about the most popular sessions at Gardenpalooza, this year’s guest speakers, and what long winters like this do to the gardener in all of us.

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