LIVE: 3rd Annual Able Games

From adversity, ability.

They’re young athletes who are no strangers to adversity, and the severe weather Friday morning made for a little bit more.

The Third Annual Able Games kicked off at 9:30, but Friday’s freezing drizzle made it hard for some of the buses carrying players to roll from schools in the southern valley.

Fargo native and professional football player Connor McGovern co-founded the games with TNT Kid’s Fitness.

It brings special-needs athletes together with regular high school athletes from all over the region to compete in Crossfit-style events.

McGovern brings in other elite athletes from the NFL as well as Crossfit champions to help teach, inspire and mentor young players.

He was there for setup Friday morning and spoke with the Morning Show’s Emily Welker about why the Able Games helps show athletes of all abilities that play and competition is for everyone, why his Able in School initiative is gaining ground in the region’s public schools and nationwide, and why it matters so much to him that everyone has access to athletics.

To see the athletes play this weekend, and to find out how you can get involved, check out this link for more information:




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