LIVE: Concordia Language Village

Summer camp just got a lot more stimulating.

MOORHEAD — What if we told you there was a way you could send your kid back to school at the end of summer break smarter than when they started?

It’s the Concordia Language Village program and it’s ready for registrations now.

Kids seven and up can participate in the total language immersion camp in Bemidji.

You’ll get a passport and a new culturally-appropriate name, learn to order food and shop in your language of choice, even participate in a Viking raid.

Plus, high school kids can get a year’s worth of class credit for participating.

Concordia’s Jessica Korynta joined the Morning Show for a live interview with Emily Welker to talk about how kids can get started, why her family’s been coming back for years, and why you might even start dreaming in the language you learn that much sooner.

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