Pet Connection: Meet A Cat Named Maus

Maus has calmed considerably thanks to the staff at the Humane Society of the Lakes in Detroit Lakes


Once upon a time, they thought Maus would spend his days hunting for a mouse as a barn cat.

He didn’t have the easiest disposition to handle when he arrived at the Humane Society of the Lakes in November.

But things have changed. Maus has calmed down considerably, in part thanks to the staff at the shelter and the allure of canned cat food.

Maus is two years old. He has an old eye injury, but it’s fully healed.

He is still a little skittish, so he would do best in a home with other gentle cats. Maus could probably get used to a calm dog and older children who know when to give him space.

He just wants to live the quiet life of luxury. Can you provide that home? Click here to learn more about Maus.

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