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LIVE: WE Fest Stage Set-up

KVRR's Jackie Kelly Gives us a Look at Stage Set-up at WE Fest

KVRR’s Jackie Kelly gives us the inside look of how they setup the stage each day during WE Fest. Categories: Morning – Features, Morning – In The Community Tags: country music, Darius Rucker, stage set-up, WE Fest, Zach Brown Band

Experiments with KVRR Meteorologist Scott Sincoff: Lemon Pennies

Fun, Easy, Kid-Friendly Science Experiments

This week’s science experiment is called Lemon Pennies. First, you get a small paper or plastic cup and squeeze lemon juice into the cup to get it about a third–way full. Then, you take an old, dirty penny and dip it into the lemon juice, enough to submerge it. Leave it in there for about 5–10 seconds…and then wipe away…

LIVE: Taste of West Fargo

KVRR's Jackie Kelly Talks With Someone From the DoubleTree Hotel About Their Samples at the Event

KVRR’s Jackie Kelly talks with the DoubleTree of West Fargo’s Banquet Manager, Kristi Jackson, about the food samples offered at the Taste of West Fargo event. Eighteen different restaurants from West Fargo came out to provide samples to the public.   Categories: Morning – Features, Morning – In The Community Tags: Doubletree, food, Taste of West Fargo, West Fargo

Tech Tip Today: Liquid Sky

Never leave your video game behind again.

It can be tough to get up and walk away from your video game. (And not just because your joints are locked up and muscles atrophied from sitting motionless for so long.) Many computers to run games are expensive and not really portable. Let Francie Black show you how to make that all a thing of the past in this…

LIVE: Chahinkapa Zoo

KVRR's Jackie Kelly Takes a Look Inside the New African Exhibit at the Zoo

KVRR’s Jackie Kelly talks with the Chahinkapa Zoo’s lead zookeeper, Addy Paul, about the zebras in the new exhibit. Categories: Morning – Features, Morning – In The Community Tags: African Exhibit, chahinkapa zoo, zebra, zoo

App of the Week: Google Trips

You might forget your toothbrush, but you won't forget your reservations.

Going on vacation can become a humbling moment when it comes to confronting your organizational skills – or lack thereof. But while you might find you’ve accidentally packed 10 sweaters and not one single toothbrush, you don’t have to run afoul of confusion over multiple travel reservations. Let Francie Black show you how to keep it all straight in this…

Thinking Green: Lawn Care

It's not easy being green, even in lawn care.

Can you be environmentally conscious while still having a great-looking lawn? You can, but it helps to have some expert know-how. Danny Lipford’s here to help. Categories: Morning – Features

LIVE: Milk Made Catering

KVRR's Jackie Kelly Learns How to Make the Perfect Cheese Plate

KVRR’s Jackie Kelly talks with Megan Lewis, the owner of Milk Made Catering, about how to make the perfect cheese plate for summer parties. For more information about Milk Made Catering, click here. Categories: Morning – Features, Morning – In The Community Tags: cheese, Local Business, Milk Made Catering

Ask Danny: Hanging A Heavy Mirror

It can give real impact to your space. Here's how to make sure it doesn't impact the floor.

Investing in a large, heavy statement piece like a mirror can give real oomph to your interiors. Mirrors can set a mood in a room as well as expanding the space visually, making it feel larger without actually increasing your square footage. But that oomph is something you want to stay purely metaphorical. Because if that mirror falls off the…