Fargo Public Works Clears the Streets

Plows in Fargo are out in full force as two major snow events hit the area

While most people had their driveways to shovel before leaving the house, road crews had countless routes to clear and are expecting to plow many more. Fargo Public Works says the amount of snow Fargo got is a little more than what they’re used to. But the type of snow is actually easier to clean up. It’s powdery and soft….

ND Lawmakers Preparing for 2017 Legislative Session

North Dakota lawmakers have plenty of items on their list to discuss for the first session of the year

North Dakota lawmakers are preparing for the 2017 Legislative Session that starts tomorrow in Bismarck. Governor Doug Burgum will give his State of the State address and announce his budget plans. State Representative Jim Kasper of Fargo says local issues like the FM diversion and voting IDs will be a topic of discussion. He says the number of affidavit ballots…

Live in West Fargo? Click Here to See a Map of Snow-Cleared Roads

If you want to see if roads around your home in West Fargo are clear, the city has a map they update throughout the day

People in West Fargo can just head online to see how their city is working to clean the roads. A city map is updated very half hour showing where crews have plowed roads, salted roads or both. It even shows which roads are in progress. You can also type in your address to see if crews have been in your…

The YMCA Helping You Jumpstart Your 2017 Healthy Resolutions

The YMCA is helping out with New Year's Resolutions

With only two days left until the New Year, the YMCA says they want to help the community get a head start on 2017 healthy resolutions. The gym is currently holding a ‘Friends don’t let friends pay full price’ deal. They say if anyone wants to start a membership and names someone who has already joined, both people will receive…

Altru’s Main Health Clinic Under Repair

Officials say all affected departments have been closed down and patients are being rescheduled

All departments inside the now evacuated Altru Main Clinic have been temporarily relocated. This comes after a 16 inch beam failed forcing more than 100 patients and more than 100 staff members to evacuate from the building Thursday afternoon. Officials say they are still working on contacting all patients with appointments and letting them know where they’re being relocated. They…

Altru Health Clinic Evacuated for Structural Issues

Emergency workers re-locate 100 patients and staff after a large crack is found on a wall

Altru Health Clinic was evacuated after officials found a structural problem with the building. Engineers say a 16 inch beam has failed in the Altru Main Clinic. ┬áThe Cancer Center on the north side of the building and the hospital on the south side are not affected. “Some staff in the lower level of the main clinic noticed some issues…

MATBUS Continues Regular Schedule for New Year’s Eve

Need a ride? MATBUS is here for you on New Year's Eve

Planning what you’ll be doing on New Year’s Eve can be a little hectic. Getting there, doesn’t have to be. MATBUS will continue its normal operating hours on Saturday from 7:00 a.m. to 11:15 p.m. The transportation service is encouraging people to use their service to safely get to and from their festivities. It’s also suggested that you plan your…

Ring in the New Year with Fireworks in North Dakota

Since 2012, North Dakotans have been able to ring in the New Year with fireworks

Memory Fireworks tells KVRR that every year, more and more people walk through their doors. They say┬áthere’s something magical about experiencing fireworks in the winter. “The fireworks reflect off the snow,” said David Reuter with Memory Fireworks. “Things are louder and more colorful.” If you’re a North Dakota resident, you can only buy fireworks twice a year, from June 27th…

Los Angeles Couple Arrested After Minneapolis Flight Has to Return to Airport

Airport Officials Say the Couple Caused a Disturbance on the Flight

Courtesy: Metropolitan Airports CommissionTwo passengers were arrested after a Delta Flight had to return to Minneapolis. Blake Fleisig, 35 and 36-year old Anna Koosmann, both of Los Angeles, were taken to jail but have since been released. Koosmann, who also has an Edina address, was cited with disorderly conduct and obstruction while Fleisig was cited for disorderly conduct. Airport officials…