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ND Lawmakers Preparing for 2017 Legislative Session

North Dakota lawmakers have plenty of items on their list to discuss for the first session of the year

North Dakota lawmakers are preparing for the 2017 Legislative Session that starts tomorrow in Bismarck. Governor Doug Burgum will give his State of the State address and announce his budget plans. State Representative Jim Kasper of Fargo says local issues like the FM diversion and voting IDs will be a topic of discussion. He says the number of affidavit ballots…

Bill Drafted in North Dakota Allowing Concealed Carry Without Permit

State Representative Rick Becker is looking to make North Dakota a "Constitutional Carry" state

NORTH DAKOTA A North Dakota State Representative wants you to be able to carry a loaded concealed firearm without a permit. Eleven other states have implemented what are called “constitutional carry laws” while another four have adopted limited versions of the law. In North Dakota, an open carry state, Representative Rick Becker says he doesn’t believe passing constitutional carry would…

Fargo Diocese Joins Lawsuit Against Federal Health Care Regulations

The Fargo Diocese Says The Requirements Pose a Threat to Religious Freedom

Bishop John FoldaThe Diocese of Fargo has joined with a number of North Dakota Catholic employers in filing a federal lawsuit against health care coverage requirements that are in conflict with the Church. Bishop John Folda says while the Church does not discriminate based on sexual orientation, it should have the rights to make faith-based coverage decisions, even for its…

Grand Forks Lawmaker Proposes 80mph Speed Limit on ND Interstates

Laffen says "everybody drives that speed anyway"

A Grand Forks lawmaker is sponsoring a bill to raise the speed limit on North Dakota’s interstates. Republican Senator Lonnie Laffen says by raising the speed limit from 75 to 80 miles per hour will help businesses get their work done faster and more efficiently. Sen. Laffen says people drive 80 miles per hour regardless of the posted speed limit….

Valley City Loses City Attorney

The City Commission and City Attorney Russ Myhre Come to a Separation Agreement

  It’s another shake-up for Valley City. Officials say they are officially hiring a new City Attorney. City Attorney Russ Myhre says he will stay on for six months or until the city commission hires someone for his job. The commission and Myhre reached an agreement with a payout of $150,000¬†over two years. Former Police Chief Fred Thompson resigned earlier…

Heitkamp “Likely” To Stay In The U.S. Senate

Met With President-Elect Donald Trump Earlier This Month

The odds of Sen. Heidi Heitkamp being appointed agriculture secretary by President-Elect Trump appear to be dwindling. In an interview on KFGO’s “News and Views”, Heitkamp was asked whether she intends to remain in the Senate. She said “it’s likely that that’s going to be the outcome from all of this”. Heitkamp met with Trump earlier this month in New…

Presidential Electors Cast Ballots Monday

The race for the White House is almost over. North Dakota’s Presidential Electors will cast their ballots Monday. The meeting will be convened by Governor Burgum at 1 p.m. in the Governor’s Conference Room. The three electors are Beverly Clayburgh of Grand Forks, Duane Mutch of Larimore and John Olson of Bismarck. Secretary of State Al Jaeger will collect the…