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Price of DAPL Protests Expected to Cost North Dakota and Taxpayers $22 Million

The Morton County Sheriff's Office has released the cost and the number of resources that have been used to combat illegal activity while protesters have been fighting the building of the Dakota Access pipeline

The Morton County Sheriff’s Office has released what they call a “by the numbers” look at what resources have been used since August 10, 2016 to stop illegal activity at the protest sites of the Dakota Access pipeline. They say in the 153 days they have been responding to the protests, the state and taxpayer costs are now at $22.3 million….

What do You Think of President-Elect Donald Trump’s Cabinet Nominees?

Senator Heidi Heitkamp says hearing from voters will help senators as they go through the confirmation process

Senator Heitkamp wants to hear your thoughts on President-elect Donald Trump’s cabinet nominees. The senator has launched an online portal on her website that will allow people to leave their comments and questions. Heitkamp says the feedback will be important as senators go through the confirmation process. Trump has nominated nearly 20 people to head executive departments, and dozens of…

Senator Hoeven Asking for More Help for Officers at DAPL Site

Senator John Hoeven says protesters who are still at the camps continue to create more challenges for law enforcement

Senator Hoeven is encouraging the new director of the Bureau of Indian Affairs to provide more officers to help local authorities clear out the remaining pipeline protesters. Hoeven also met with Interior Department nominee Ryan Zinke to talk about the challenges law enforcement continue to encounter by protesters illegally occupying Corps land. He says there have been instances of trespassing,…

Minnesota State Representative Ben Lien Shares Hopes for New Session

Sitting down with the League of Woman Voter of the Red River Valley Lien talks about the issues being discussed in the state legislature

FARGO, N.D. Minnesota’s Assistant Minority Leader, Ben Lien from Moorhead answered questions Friday afternoon in Fargo. Lien spoke to the League of Women Voters of the Red River Valley. With the Minnesota Legislature under Republican control, Democrats, lead by Governor Dayton, will face some obstacles. Lien said the two hardest bills to pass will be the bonding bill and a…

Council Member Hopeful for Railroad Underpass

The underpass would be on the south side of Moorhead High School

A $42 million railroad underpass project south of Moorhead High School is included in Governor Dayton’s bonding bill. A city council member says this project is crucial to maintaining public safety. A big concern is that emergency crews come from Fargo and get delayed when a train is rolling through town. This project would separate the traffic between trains and…

DAPL Opponent Refusing to Testify in Grand Jury Investigation

The case involves the confrontation between law enforcement and protesters where one was injured by an explosion

A federal grand jury is looking into the violent clash between Dakota Access pipeline opponents and officers in November. Pipeline opponent Steve Martinez has been ordered to testify regarding Sophia Wilansky’s arm injury due to an explosion. Protesters say the New York woman was injured by a grenade thrown by police, while authorities say she was hurt by a small…

Will Moorhead Get Their $42 Million Railroad Underpass?

A long sought after railroad underpass for Moorhead worth $42 million is included in Governor Dayton's infrastructure wish list for the House and Senate

  Gov. Dayton is asking the Minnesota Legislature to pony up for public construction projects. He has unveiled his $1.5 billion wish list of infrastructure upgrades, new buildings and early learning centers. A long sought after railroad underpass for Moorhead worth $42 million is included. The wish list is slightly larger than the proposal Dayton had last year and likely…

Fargo Homeowner Fights to Save His Historic Home

The city of Fargo delayed their decision to buy out and demolish a local man's home until the Fargo Historic Preservation Commission meets

Some Fargo homeowners are fighting back against buyouts as part of a project to meet the 500 year flood protection goal. One homeowner said his property has historic significance and he doesn’t want to go. The house designed by the granddaughter of Frank Lloyd Wright was originally constructed in 1958. John Stern has been living here since 1985. Since receiving…

Gov. Burgum Shares His Vision for North Dakota; Begins 2017 Session

Governor Burgum says he wants North Dakota schools to be the best in the world

North Dakota’s 33rd Governor laid out his vision for North Dakota. Arthur native Doug Burgum opened the 2017 legislative session with his State of the State address. Representatives, along with Senators, filled the House for the governor’s address. Governor Burgum’s family joined the session to show support. With that in mind, he shared something he wants all people of North…

Minnesota House Begins 2017 Session

Governor Dayton expected to make his State of the State Address January 23rd

Minnesota’s newly renovated capitol also held its first legislative session of the year. Gov. Dayton will give his State of the State on January 23. Republicans dominate both the House and the Senate in Minnesota. State Senator Michelle Fischbach, who represents parts of Benton and Stearns counties, was elected President of the Senate. State Senator Paul Gazelka was elected Senate…