Emily Welker

Social Distancing: Coronavirus Fighting Tips From A Toddler

Plus Ways To Clear Your Head And Get Away With Video Games While You're Working

  We’re at the end of the first full week most of us have been practicing social distancing. It hasn’t been easy for a lot of us. For example, here’s me just trying to spit out the phrase “social distancing” yesterday. Just rolls off the tongue, right? We’ll we’re all sharing ideas to make this social distancing easier for all…

LIVE: Crowns On The Line At North Dakota International Pageant

Current Crown-Holders Talk About Their Reign, Upcoming 2019 Pageant

  Laura Schmidt, Mrs. North Dakota International 2018 and Jocelyn Birklid, Junior Miss Teen North Dakota International 2018, talk pageants with Adam live on the show. They are preparing to hand over their titles at this weekend’s North Dakota International Pageant. This pageant focuses on community service with each pageant contestant supporting a different platform. And even though the women…