Robbery at West Fargo Jimmy John’s determined to be a false claim

Police are continuing to investigation the incident.

WEST FARGO, N.D.–The West Fargo Police Department has determined that the supposed armed robbery at Jimmy John’s never happened. After an investigation, police have confirmed there was no weapon and 29-year-old Camaron Starr and the reporting party conspired to falsely report the robbery. Starr was arrested for conspiracy to commit theft and charges are pending for the reporting party. Police…

Jimmy Johns Employee Makes Freaky Fast Phone Call to Fargo Fire Department

Crews say they were able to put the fire out quickly

1/5 Show Caption Hide Caption 2/5 Show Caption Hide Caption 3/5 Show Caption Hide Caption 4/5 Show Caption Hide Caption 5/5 Show Caption Hide Caption FARGO, N.D. — Fargo Fire Department is investigating a fire that happened earlier this morning in a south Fargo strip mall under construction. Around 8:30, a Jimmy Johns employee called 911 after seeing smoke coming…

Talk About Calm: Jimmy John’s Robbery Goes Viral

Jimmy John's responded on Twitter by thanking the police saying "Wow, Freaky Fast Capture!" to go along with their slogan

KANSAS CITY, MO — For anyone behind the counter, working for any establishment, being robbed at gunpoint could possibly be the most terrifying moment of their life. But the surveillance video of a Jimmy John’s robbery in Kansas City, Missouri is going viral over the cashier’s handling of the situation. Check out this cashier. The suspect acts as if he…