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North Dakota House Adds To Medical Marijuana Bill, Still Needs Senate Approval

House Also Rejects Sexual Orientation Discrimination Bill

BISMARCK, N.D. —┬áThe North Dakota House has voted in favor of several proposed changes to the state’s medical marijuana law. The changes will need Senate approval before they can take effect. House members approved adding 13 illnesses to the list of 17 approved medical conditions, along with terminal illnesses. They would include Tourette syndrome, migraines, rheumatoid arthritis, opioid withdrawal and…

Activists Deliver Message of Inclusion at Standing for Humanity Celebration

people gave speeches, a memorial was held for victims of las vegas shootings and funds were raised for hurricane victims in Puerto Rico

MOORHEAD, Minn. —┬áSome say peace is invaluable. “Peace is more precious than diamonds or silver or gold,” Ruth Buffalo said. People in Moorhead are fighting for peace after events like the Las Vegas shootings and the Charlottesville protests. “Somebody died in that particular rally and that was heartbreaking,” said Rebel Marie, a Standing for Humanity organizer. “It was very sad…

ND House Rejects Discrimination Bill Based on Sexual Orientation

The bill was defeated 69-22 on Friday, the latest defeat for an idea that's gone down three other times in recent years.

  BISMARCK, N.D. — North Dakota lawmakers have rejected a bill for a fourth time that would prevent discrimination based on sexual orientation when it comes to their homes or jobs. The bill was overwhelmingly defeated 69 to 22. Fargo Democrat Josh Boschee is the main sponsor of the legislation and says many LGBT people live under the constant fear…