Rocky the Boa Constrictor on the Loose in Princeton, Minnesota

Rocky, who has been a pet for 12 years, was able to escape his tank and is now on the

  PRINCETON, Minn. — Authorities are asking people in the town of Princeton, Minnesota to keep an eye out for a large snake named Rocky. Rocky is a boa constrictor that is about five feet long and went missing when his owner accidentally left the door to the house open. Rocky, who has been a pet for 12 years, was…

Taylor Swift Announces New Album, First Single Drops Thursday

Dare we say the bad blood in a rivalry that continues with singer Katy Perry?

  NATIONAL — She’s baaack! Mega superstar Taylor Swift has been teasing the world all week, beginning with the moment she tried to eclipse the actual eclipse by clearing all of her social media accounts and leaving fans with a blank space in their hearts. But Swift’s music love story is far from over. Two days ago she posted a…

LIVE: The Positive Side Of Snakes With The Red River Zoo

St. Patrick Allegedly Banished Snakes From Ireland. Was That The Best Idea?

One of the legends about St. Peter is that he banished snakes from Ireland. Well, he didn’t banish them from Fargo. Jennifer Jacobson with the Red River Zoo joins us with the lovely Bull Snake, Jessie. She tells us why people shouldn’t be afraid of snakes, and talks about the uses they have in nature and for farmers. Watch to…