Stroke Awareness

Sanford Stroke Patient in Good Health Works Way Back to Recovery

After a month and a half, stroke survivor Sandy Miller is still looking for answers

FARGO, N.D.– Timing is everything when dealing with a stroke. A Sanford interventional neurologist says 1.9 million brain neurons die each minute during a stroke. “Even before the patient comes in, we are right here and we are ready to take care of the patient right away,” Sanford interventional neurologist Dr. Sachdeva said. Dr. Sachdeva treated Sandy Miller’s stroke at…

LIVE: Lifestyle Changes To Lower Stroke Risk

American Heart Association Joins KVRR As Part of Week-long Stroke Prevention Effort

  The American Heart Association says up to 80 percent of strokes can be prevented. KVRR Local News is dedicating an entire week to stories about stroke prevention. Chrissy Meyer from the American Heart Association says you can make small changes in your life which can make a big difference in your stroke risk. The top ways to lower your…

Essentia Explains Stroke Warning Signs

The hospital uses the acronym "be fast" to help detect a stroke

FARGO, N.D.– Essentia Hospital, a Comprehensive Stroke Center, uses in-house alarms and personal pages to alert doctors as soon as a stroke patient arrives. The hospital uses the acronym “be fast,” which stands for balance, eyes, facial droop, arm weakness, speech, and time. This acronym helps to detect a stroke. An Essentia doctor says the warning signs do not differ…