Hawley Man Becomes Center of Hoax 911 Call in Swatting Incident

Hawley Police released the full dispatch call

HAWLEY, Minn. — A Hawley man becomes the center of a hoax 911 call in a tactic called swatting. A call went to the Red River Regional Dispatch Center around 4:30 Tuesday afternoon. Hear the full call here. It claimed there was a hostage situation in Todd Rendon’s home. “When I came out there I came out like this. I…

Hear The Hawley 911 Swatting Call

HAWLEY, Minn. — Law enforcement calls it “swatting.” Clay County Sheriff Mark Empting says that’s what happened this afternoon when deputies and other officers rushed to Hawley. Dispatch received a call from someone claiming that someone had been taken hostage at a home. Red River Valley Swat was headed to the scene but deputies arrived and spoke with the homeowner….