water works

West Fargo author reads to middle school students to inspire them to give back

Sawyer Anderson wrote Water Works in response to learning about the water crisis in Africa

FARGO, N.D. — After Sawyer Anderson’s father took a trip to Africa, he informed his daughter of some unfortunate circumstances children in that country go through. “There are kids my age carrying buckets of water on their heads, walking three miles to get water and the water isn’t clean,” Anderson said. “I just wanted to imagine me – I wouldn’t…

10-Year-Old Author Raising Money for Clean Water in Africa

Sawyer Anderson will soon be published on three different continents

WEST FARGO, N.D. — It all started with Sawyer Anderson selling cookies at her grandma’s garage sale to raise money for those in Africa with no clean drinking water. The 10–year–old West Fargo author wrote “Water Works”, a book about her mission to raise thousands of dollars to help bring clean water to Zambia. She was inspired to make a…

10-Year-Old Author’s Book Helping to Provide Clean Water in Africa

Proceeds from the "Water Works" will go to Well Spring for the World and World Vision, organizations that help provide clean water in Africa

WEST FARGO, N.D. — A 10-year-old from West Fargo is taking it upon herself to help provide clean water to people in Africa. Sawyer Anderson originally sold cookies and handbags. In December, she started creating and illustrating her book “Water Works.” She’s raised $26,000 so far. Sawyer has dedicated the book to 10-year-old Brian who lives in Africa. He was bit…