West Fargo Hosts Frostival Winter Boot Camp

The festival was set up at the West Fargo POW MIA Plaza

WEST FARGO, N.D. — S’mores, games and ice skating for people of all ages. It’s all a part of the Winter Boot Camp for Frostival 2020. The festival was set up at the West Fargo POW MIA Plaza. The night’s festivities included open skating, music and an ax throwing section for people to try. Organizers say the night is a…

People Across Valley Digging Their Way Out After Winter Storm

One Fargo woman says this weekend storm had an impact on her business

  FARGO, N.D. — Sounds of snowblowers starting up and the sights of people pulling out their shovels for another weekend of cleaning out the driveway begins. For Meaghan Anderson, this isn’t her first rodeo in the valley during the winter. “This is my 2nd year in this house so I have lived in North Dakota since I was born…

Swimming in the winter? Well, that’s now possible at Fargo South High School

The Fargo Park District is offering "Open Swim" for community members

FARGO, N.D- Amber Morris came to celebrate her son’s birthday and says this gives the kids an opportunity to do something different and not worry about being cold. She also says that during the winter months, the pools are not as busy and they can swim and run around more freely. “Who doesn’t love the swim, especially the kids so…

People Digging Themselves Out Of Weekend Snow Storm

FARGO, N.D. — Jerel Wieser is pulling out his electric snow blower for the first time this winter season. But this isn’t his first rodeo in North Dakota’s winter tundra. “All my life….. 72 years,” Wieser said laughingly. For Jerel who’s been living in this the same Fargo neighborhood since the 70’s says when that first blizzard hits you have…

Ride Along With Fargo Public Works Snow Plowers

Drivers Are Being Encouraged To Give Plows Plenty Of Space When Working

FARGO N.D. — Garret Bax has been plowing the streets of Fargo for over 4 years now, “It was pretty new to me but I like it a lot,” Bax said. During the winter Bax can be driving plows like these for 12 hour shifts to make sure the roads are clean and safe. “Yeah especially last winter when your…

Madison Community Garden Getting Ready for Annual Ice Rink

In the past, the Fargo Park District has opened up rinks in the beginning of November

FARGO, N.D. — As people are battling flooding across the state, the Madison Community Garden is no different. “Because we’ve had so much flooding, some of that garden we couldn’t get to and the grass grew really tall. We’re going to finish harvesting the potatoes and trimming the grass today. Then we’ll have it set and the park district will…

Snow Leaves Downed Trees and Branches in Fargo

The city is cleaning up before the next snowfall hits

FARGO, N.D- Trees and branches collapsed on homes, cars and streets as part of the region got hit with the first snowfall of the season. As areas of North Dakota and Minnesota got hit with 12–36 inches of snow, Fargo’s biggest issue after the snowfall was the downed trees and branches that blocked main streets and residential areas. “The snow…

How to keep trees and shrubs healthy during winter

The secret to helping trees survive winter is adjusting a care routine to suit seasonal growing conditions.

FARGO, N.D.- With winter hitting the region, it’s important to keep plants safe in the frigid temperatures. Plant experts tell us it’s also a good idea to mulch your trees and shrubs. It insulates soil and tree roots against extreme temperatures and slows water loss from soil. Keep trees, especially those newly–planted, well–watered through the fall until the ground freezes….

Red River Zoo prepares animals for Winter

Most of the animals at the Zoo are from cold climate environments.

FARGO, N.D – One of the animals making the transition into winter at the Red River Zoo is the wolves. Although they are colder climate species, they will be experiencing some changes. The wolves will be having some increase to their diet that meets their nutritional needs. Dry areas will be added throughout the exhibit as well so that they…

Salvation Army Distributes Coats For Kids

People were also able to register for the Thanksgiving Food Box.

FARGO, N.D. – The Salvation Army distributes coats for kids and families so they get some warmth this winter. Over the past year, The Salvation Army has been receiving donations of coats and other clothing to help those in need during the cold winter season. Some of the donations were able to find a new home as hundreds gathered outside…