Vintage Cars Fill Moorhead Youth Hockey Arena

Everyone can remember their first car whether you want to or not.
The 40th annual Valley Vintage Car Show boasted some beautiful vintage cars dating all the way back to the 1900s.

More than 80 cars were on display and all of those cars have their own unique story.
It’s been awhile since Maurice Kutter has been in high school but the car he drove in high school brings back some fond memories.
“We went to the drive in movies ya know,” says Valley Vintage Car Club member, Maurice Kutter.
And it’s the memories he didn’t want to lose.

Cutter bought this car ten years ago, the same car he drove in high school.
“It sat in my yard for the last ten years and the last two years I decided to restore it,” says Kutter.
“It just feels great after all of these years to have it back running again,” says Valley Vintage Car Club President, Rick Weaver.
Rick Weaver also restored his first car, the exact car he drove to school every day.
“I bought this in 1969 it’s the first car I ever owned,” says Weaver.
10 years ago Weaver pulled the motor out and went to work.

It was last week that he finally finished the restoration, just in time for this year’s show.
“It just feels great after all of these years to have it back running again,” says Weaver.
The car show features a variety of cars from across the upper Midwest ranging in style and price.
“I’m sure were getting close to half a million dollars on some of them,” says Weaver.
Maurice has restored 16 cars in total, seven of which he’s already sold.

But for Maurice, it’s not about the money.
“You put more in than what they are really worth but it’s just the idea that you like the car,” says Kutter.
Because for Maurice, the memories make it all worth it.
“It was a fun car, at that time it was pretty neat,” says Kutter.

The car club’s president says the hobby continues to grow and car shows continue to pop up more than ever before.

If you’re interested in checking the club out, you can click here.