Snow Day Means Family Day at the YMCA

With schools and daycares closed, it seems like the gym is the only place where parents can take their kids

There may be snow on the ground but that’s not stopping kids and adults from swimming, playing basketball and just working out using general equipment.

With no school and our latest storm, parents had to find some creative ways to keep their kids busy.

The plows came out and the snow was cleared at the downtown Fercho YMCA.

Workers here say parents depend on them, especially in this kind of snow emergency.

“There’s been a lot of kids in here today,” said Fenton Manhurt, one of the YMCA’s managers. “We definitely see big families come in, all the kids in with the schools being out of session today.”

Although it’s been jam packed at the gym today, members say this is something that almost always happens whenever there’s a big snowfall.

“Atmosphere today has been a little bit busy,” said Fenton. “It’s kind of been your typical winter day. With snowfall and people want to come in. They don’t want to stay set in their house so they just start to come on in in the facility and try and stay active especially with their kids.”

All kids are able to use facilities like the pool, the basketball court and the teen center unsupervised if they’re at least eight years old.

They have to be at least 15-years-old if they want to use the workout equipment in the fitness center, unless they are with a parent.

“Today it’s nice to see all the kids here,” said lifeguard and swim coach Jarren Fallgatter. “I know they’re on Christmas break or whatever so it’s nice to see that they’re doing something active rather than sitting home and playing video games.”

This is also the first winter the YMCA has opened their third pool facility and the staff says today is the first day where it’s really been put to use by kids.

“Well North Dakota winters…it’s not very nice to be outside during the winter so it’s nice that they have this nice facility that kids can come use, be active and swim,” added Jarren.

The community proves that no matter how hard Mother Nature tries, a little bit of snow will not keep them inside.

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