Pet Connection: Meet Sugar and Shasta

They go together like peas and carrots.

Sugar and Shasta are a bonded pair who stopped by KVRR with Homeward Animal Shelter worker Heather Klefstad for a live in-studio interview with Emily Welker about looking for a forever home for this sugar-and-spice pair of pooches.

Shasta is a Papillon-Dachsund cross and Sugar is a terrier. The ladies are three and a half years old were surrendered to the shelter after having been together their entire lives. They would do better in a home with no small kids and no cats, since they need the spotlight for themselves and their devotion to each other.

It’s a common misconception that two dogs are twice as much trouble as one, and it can fuel difficulties in finding bonded pairs forever homes when they turn up in a shelter. However, Klefstad says, having two dogs who are bonded can actually be easier than having a single dog, since they have someone to play with when you’re not home, which can cut down on separation anxiety, barking and chewing. And Sugar and Shasta are even better than two for the price of one, since their adoption fee has been sponsored by a generous donor. Check out their adorable in-studio appearance today (don’t miss their cute little smooch about 2 minutes and 38 seconds in)!


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