Two Rescued in Fergus Falls Apartment Fire

Three people can't return to their homes after an overnight fire

FERGUS FALLS, Minn. — Two people were rescued after fire broke out in an apartment building in Fergus Falls.

While most of the people are able to head back to their homes, a few apartment units are still blocked off after heavy smoke damage.

Three people can’t return to their homes after an overnight fire.

Crews were called to 1110 Springen Avenue just after 11 o’clock last night.

Jamison McLaughlin and his girlfriend, who live on the side opposite from the fire, got back right when it started.

“Well, we just went out to Walmart and I came back home and there were fire trucks, policemen,” McLaughlin said. “There was smoke coming out of the roof.”

He said they were stuck outside for over an hour.

“I was freaking out,” McLaughlin admitted. “I thought, ‘maybe my apartment burnt down’, or something happened. I was asking my girlfriend, ‘did I leave the burners on’, and she said ‘no, we were alright’.”

A woman was rescued from her burning apartment and taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation.

A man trapped by smoke in a second floor apartment was also rescued.

Todd Firchau says he was one of 10 people who the Red Cross gave temporary lodging for the night.

After leaving the apartment, he saw someone get rescued.

“He took the screen out, but too much of a jump, so he waited,” said Firchau. “Hung his head out, ‘hey, I’m here’. They brought the ladder…he shimmied down.”

Now that the scene of the fire is clear and everything here is boarded up, people were able to return to all but three of the vacated apartments.

The Fergus Falls fire chief told us he’s proud of how quickly the team rescued everybody and got the fire under control.

“They were good,” said Firchau. “The fire department’s awesome. They didn’t mess around.”

Even though they were displaced, tenants said they’re glad to hear nobody got seriously hurt.

Officials say a stove-top burner was left on and combustible material nearby started on fire.

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