Bullet the Cat on the Road to Recovery

Many people took to social media their shock about the cat found with bullet wounds in his leg

FARGO, N.D. — Comments are flooding into a local animal shelter’s social media page after a cat was found with bullet wounds in his leg.

In both North Dakota and Minnesota, it is unlawful to abandon or abuse any animal.

Working at a rescue shelter, you see many cats find a happy ending.

But…it’s not always the easiest journey.

“There’s a lot of really disturbing things that we see in the rescue business,” explained Gail Ventzke, the Executive Director of Cats Cradle Shelter.

Late Wednesday afternoon, Ventzke answered a call from a man in Frazee who found a injured cat.

That cat is now known as Bullet.

“His left paw was not bearing weight,” Ventzke said. “He had a bone sticking out of the back of his wrist.”

A veterinarian in Sheldon, North Dakota confirmed what many people could never imagine for their pet.

“It turns out there is actually four very suspicious bullet wounds,” Ventzke said. “The wounds that he has and the way that the bones are shattered in his elbow there’s no doubt that is a bullet.”

Bullet was found in an area where many cats are left behind.

“Maybe people think they are dealing with a nuisance issue and they’re just handling it the only way they think is okay,” Ventzke said. “It’s really not okay to do it that way.”

She added abandoning your cat not only hurts one animal, but affects up to eight.

“When they end up getting thrown out of their homes, they’re going to reproduce,” said Ventzke.

Bullet is recovering from surgery and is expected to make a full recovery.

“Starting that conversation can lead to positive outcomes with spay/neuter, with homing animals,” said Ventzke. “My goal today, number one, is Bullet. Making sure that he gets the care he needs and getting him recovered and into a new home.”

Cats Cradle Shelter is covering all of the costs from Bullet’s surgery.

“We’ll never forget Bullet,” Ventzke said. “We’ll never forget his story.”

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