Pet Connection: Meet Sparrow

There's a good reason Golden Retrievers lead the list of "Most Popular Dogs."

She’s a breed we don’t see a lot of in this region’s shelters, and that’s likely because they get snapped up right away by would-be pet parents.

Sparrow is a 5-year-old Golden Retriever/Irish Setter cross who joined Emily Welker and 4 Luv of Dog founder Kish Hilmert for a live in-studio appearance on the KVRR Morning Show. Sparrow, like most Goldens, has a beautiful coat and a wonderful disposition, being good with both children and other pets.

Goldens routinely lead the list of most popular breeds each year in the United States, and there are several good reasons why. They’re usually easy to train, good with kids and other animals, and have a lot of energy. They’re also excellent water dogs. Like many other breeds, they can come with some health problems, and Sparrow has been diagnosed with seizures and takes medication to control them. Hilmert said that now that Sparrow has been diagnosed and treated appropriately, Sparrow’s health isn’t difficult or expensive to maintain. Unlike when you buy a puppy from a pet store, the volunteers at 4 Luv of Dog have worked to figure out Sparrow’s health and home needs, so she’s ready to go to the right home without too many bumps in the road!

See why Sparrow is living up to her breed’s reputation at Little Miss Popularity, and check out more information on all the wonderful, adoptable dogs at our link:

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