Felton Continues a Tradition With Their Annual Field Day

Felton field days started this morning with a parade and other festivities

FELTON, Minn. — Cloudy skies didn’t stop friends and families from coming out to the 93rd Annual Felton Field Day.

They planned an entire weekend of fun in Felton for their entire community.

Coloring contests, a softball tournament and the town favorite parade marked the start of the Field Day.

They had helicopter rides earlier in the morning and a street dance throughout the night.

For some, coming to Felton Field Day is a beloved tradition which goes back years.

“I’ve been coming since about 1999. My parents in law had a farm just north of town here and in fact the farm is still in the family so every so often we come to Felton Field Day,” said Pete Verstraete.

The event was free and all ages were welcome.

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