The Arts Partnership Brings Annual ChalkFest to Red River Zoo

The annual tradition focuses on teaching the importance of the arts to all ages

FARGO, ND — You probably remember drawing with chalk when you were a kid.

Red River Zoo hosted Chalk Fest, an event aimed at teaching kids and parents the importance of art in society.

Whether you’re older or younger, it’s never too late to embrace your inner artist.

Many did at the Arts Partnerships’ Chalk Fest 2017.

“Everyone’s drawn with a piece of chalk in their driveway before,” said Arts Partnerships’ artist-in-residence¬†Chelsie Liberati.

The Arts Partnership is a non-profit arts organization in Fargo, representing arts organizations and individual artists across the F-M area.

“We communicate about the arts, we advocate for the arts, we provide networking opportunities and we also give out grants,” said Arts Partnership communications coordinator¬†Chelsey Engelhard.

Chalk Fest is an event that aims to get everyone involved with art because of its importance to society.

“It can help you solve day-to-day issues, not just draw a pretty picture,” Liberati said. “It’s going to train your mind to think outside of the box.”

Kids said they appreciate art all around them.

“I like it how there’s art everywhere,” said 8-year-old Sabina Goddard.

The Arts Partnership started Chalk Fest in August 2013.

It’s grown exponentially since then with more than 5,500 people attending last year.

Arts Partnerships members said they think more people will come because chalk can be more fun.

“Just knowing that it’s going to wash away the next day is really nice to have something that is not quite so serious when you’re doing some art,” Liberati said.

But more importantly, it’s who we are as humans.

“It’s who we are as a race, we have art that’s older than agriculture,” said president/CEO of the Arts Partnership¬†Dayna Del Val. “We made art before we fed ourselves.”

Ten organizations focused on the arts attended Chalk Fest. All ages and abilities were welcomed.

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