Pet Connection: Meet Dexter and Doakes

A dynamic duo, one of whom pulled a disappearing act in the studio.

This week’s Pet Connection came with a bit of a mystery — since one-half of this dynamic duo Dexter and Doakes decided to ditch the desk mid-interview.

These two young cats are part of a deluge that’s inundated Homeward Animal Shelter with a flood of cats and kittens lately. But somehow, amid all the cat chaos, Homeward’s Heather Klefstad found a moment to come to the KVRR Morning Show to sit down live in-studio with Emily Welker to talk about Dexter and Doakes and how they’re part of the special the shelter is running.

While we were getting details about the cats, who are one-and-a-half and three years old, respectively, and are a bonded pair who were raised by an owner who recently died, Dexter split. He walked off the desk to go explore the studio — part of his curious and playful nature, said Klefstad.

Doakes hung around to finish the interview, which fits his laid-back, calm, well-socialized personality. As you can tell from our video, the two go together very well, and need to be adopted into the same home. Keeping bonded pairs together benefits the owner as well as the pets, Klefstad said, since the animals aren’t made stressed and unhappy through missing their companion, and they can keep each other company, leading to fewer behavioral problems for the owner to deal with.

Cats and kittens have $49 adoption fee at Homeward Animal Shelter through August 26th.

Check out Doakes’ and Dexter’s profiles here:

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