Pet Connection: Meet Gidget

A miniature pomeranian with major soul.

If you were to encounter Gidget the way her rescuers did, you might not believe your eyes at first: a tiny, geriatric  Pomeranian, missing most of her teeth, suffering from an enlarged heart, tottering down the streets of a southern Valley city all by herself in the world.

That’s if you didn’t accidentally step on her first. Because at between 3 to 7 pounds apiece, the average Pomeranian is not the sort of dog who’s typically left to wander the streets on its own, let alone in the fragile state Gidget was in.

Rescuers at Diamond in the Ruff rescue scooped the little old lady up and got her to safety and to the medical attention she needed. Her bad teeth are gone and she’s now on medication for her heart, but she still needs a home. She needs a soft-food diet and a lot of cuddles, but other than that, her primary need is the love of a good adoptive owner.

Gidget and rescue worker Ryan Keel visited the KVRR Morning show studios live on air with anchor Emily Welker to talk about what you need to know in caring for small breeds and why this little bundle of fluff could be just what you need to warm up your life as the temperatures start to drop.

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