Parade and Memorial Service Recognizes Fargo Area Veterans

Governor Burgum spoke to the veterans at the Fargo Civic Center

FARGO, N.D. — From parades to memorial ceremonies, there was no shortage of events around town to celebrate and thank veterans for serving their country.

All veterans who have or are fighting for the United States have something in common.

“We were willing to sign our names on the dotted line to do whatever we needed to do for this country,” Vietnam veteran Russel Stabler said. “If we needed to die, we would die.”

Jane Matejcek has been a Veterans Affairs nurse for the last 27 years.  She says every day since she started, she’s been blown away by the character veterans like Stabler have.

“This is about those stars on the wall, you know? For them, they’re not heroes. It’s about everyone else who didn’t come home,” Matejcek said.

A memorial service was held in the morning followed by a parade downtown and a gathering at the Fargo Civic Center where Governor Doug Burgum gave a speech.

Some say it’s one of the most important ways the community can show their support for veterans.

“Our country is what it is today because of them. It’s just nice to show them that gratitude,” Matejcek  said.

Vietnam veteran Russel Stabler says while this is a good way to remember and thank veterans, it’s something that needs to be done more every day.

“We still have members in our society that are coming back from the current war and unfortunately, they’re committing suicide at 22 a day and that’s absolutely disgraceful,” Stabler said.

He says other veterans are still trying to heal years later, too.

“They are all my brothers and I empathize with them and sympathize and we all have wounds that need to be treated,” Stabler said.

It’s why Matejcek says people should always be helping out our veterans.

“Do something for veterans because you know what? They’re so important. Every one of us, we’re in the community and they’re all around us,” Matejcek said.

A Veteran’s Day concert starts tomorrow afternoon at the Fargo Public Library.

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