Brooke Crews Sentenced to Life in Prison For Savanna Greywind’s Murder

her daughter Haisley Jo made an appearance in court


FARGO, N.D. — Not a seat was left and countless tears were shed in the courtroom as Brooke Crews received the news she would die in prison for Savanna Greywind’s murder.

But even with the sentencing, some members of the Greywind family say it wasn’t enough.

“It is never going to be enough. Brooke Crews does not deserve to live,” said Greywind’s sister Kayla.

A judge sentenced Crews for life without parole for conspiracy to commit murder, 20 years in prison for conspiracy to commit kidnapping and 163 days in prison for giving false information to authorities.
Even Crews herself saw the sentence as just.

“There is no excuse. There is no rationalization. There is nothing. I am guilty and I deserve every year I get,” Crews said.

But Crews’ attorney, Steven Mottinger, tried to argue she should get life with the possibility of parole because she is now taking responsibility for her actions.

“Everyone can change. We attempted to argue to the court that Ms. Crews should have that opportunity. The court didn’t agree with me,” Mottinger said.

New details in the case emerged during sentencing.
Crews performed a crude C-section on Greywind, while she was in and out of consciousness and not on an anesthetic. Greywind then bled to death.

“I would hear people say the pain of losing a child is like no other pain. I now know that pain. My heart is literally broken,” said Greywind’s mother Norberta.

Greywind’s mother, sister and father all gave impact statements. Gloria Allred was there to offer the family support.

“What happened to Savanna is one of the most horrific things I have ever heard of,” Allred said.

Greywind’s baby Haisley Jo appeared, a stark reminder of the crime committed.

“Everyday she grows, she’s starting to look more like her mother. I miss Savanna so much. I’ve never put love into someone like I did her,” said Ashton Matheny, Greywind’s boyfriend and Haisley’s father.

Haisley Jo was named after her grandfather and it also translates to “survivor”. As she grows up, the Greywind family says they will not hide what happened to her mother.

“From her age right now, right on until she’s an adult, we will continue to tell her about her mother. We will not keep any details from her,” Norberta said.

Crews’ boyfriend William Hoehn also faces charges in the kidnapping and murder of Greywind.
His trial will be held in May.

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