LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Ross and Chandler

They'll be your friends -- for life.

Who wouldn’t want to be friends with these glorious little balls of cuddle? Chandler and Ross, two three-month-old shepherd mix puppies, snuggled up on the Morning Show set with Emily Welker and rescue worker Heather Klefstad of Homeward Animal Shelter.

The pair of brothers came into the shelter just this Wednesday as strays from the Spirit Lake Area, and irresistible as they are, it’s a sad reminder that the homeless animal problem is widespread throughout our region, regardless of which town you’re in. Our failure as pet parents to spay and neuter our animals means lots of puppies just as little and cute as Ross and Chandler won’t make it to their first birthday, thanks to overpopulation.

Chandler is the livelier and more outgoing of the two, Ross is shyer and loves to snuggle. They are up to date on their shots but still need to be neutered, and like all the shelters and rescues in our region, Homeward requires their animals to undergo one of those procedures as a condition of adoption to avoid perpetuating the unwanted pet problem in our communities.

Puppies are adorable and tough to resist — but too many puppies is no fun for anyone. Please get your animal spayed or neutered so in the future every pet is a wanted pet. And if you want one of these two, check out their profiles, at this link!




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