LIVE: New Artist Series

Mike Marth: Man At Work.

We’re starting something new here on the Morning Show, with a series of stories that profile the artists who live and create right here in the Red River Valley.

From visual artists, to dancers, to musicians, standup comics and more, each one of them is a separate voice and a unique vision. Not only do they contribute an enormous amount to the region’s economy, they also beautify, inspire and provoke. Sometimes their art makes you laugh. Sometimes it might make you mad. Hopefully, it makes you think, and maybe even dream.

This week we’re getting a glimpse into the work of Mike Marth, a Moorhead mixed-media artist who’s hard at work on a new piece he’ll show at next month’s Midwestern show at the Rourke Art Gallery in Moorhead. It opens June 18th.

If you’ve ever wondered how artists like Marth do what they do — and why — check out this story by the Morning Show’s very own Emily Welker.

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