LIVE: Artist Series: Alicia Hinkley, Teaching Dreams

Turning fantasy into the art of tomorrow.

The school year is wrapping up for so many college families all across the Red River Valley, and with it a slow parade of graduation ceremonies at campuses all across the region.

In honor of this incredibly stressful and exciting time of bittersweet goodbyes and new beginnings, we’re introducing you in week three of our artist series to one of the talented young artists studying in our many universities.

Alicia Hinkley won’t graduate for another year, but she’s already a working professional, having completed more than one commissioned piece for art customers here.

Her work tends to follow a fantasy theme, but as you’ll see, she’s got her feet firmly on the ground.

Hinkley shared with us where her inspiration comes from, how her process works, and how, when she graduates, she’s got big plans to influence the students of tomorrow in the region’s public schools. Maybe one of yours.

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