LIVE: East Grand Forks Family Seeks Help for Toddler

As if dealing with medical uncertaint's not hard enough, bullies are also touching Willow Gauthier's life.

How young is too young to find out that there is cruelty, and bullying, in the world?

That’s the question facing the parents of a little girl from East Grand Forks, Minnesota.

Willow Gauthier isn’t quite two, and she’s getting ready to be a big sister soon. And while those are things that would make most parents overjoyed, her parents, Will and Sarah, are very worried instead.

They’re taking their daughter 8 hours away to see specialists at the world–famous Mayo Clinic for a condition known as hemangioma, an overgrowth of blood vessels on her temple that’s now threatening one of her eyes.

Local pediatricians had told Willow’s parents she’d grow out of it, as most babies do. Instead, it’s gotten worse. Not only is it affecting her vision, her parents say, but it’s also led to some uncomfortable stares from adults and bullying from other kids.

Willow, her dad and her mom sat down with the Morning Show’s Emily Welker to talk about the fight to save Willow’s eye.

If you’d like to help, check out the link to her Gofundme page, here.

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