LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet the Kittens

Left for dead in a dumpster, their survival's nothing short of miraculous.

It’s hard to believe looking at these three furry, adorable faces, but there’s someone out there in our region who didn’t want these kittens to survive.

The three tiny kittens, plus a brother and a sister, were discovered a few weeks ago in a bag thrown in a dumpster. The bag they were inside was covered in some kind of chemical. Their rescuers brought them in to Diamond in the Ruff pet rescue, where foster parents worked around the clock to save them, sticking to a rigorous every-two-hour feeding schedule to keep them alive.

The three little females are thriving now, along with their siblings, but they’re still much too young to be adopted out. Diamond in the Ruff’s Ryan Keel joined them and the Morning Show’s Emily Welker live in-studio to talk about why spaying and neutering your pets makes it so much less likely any more unwanted kittens in our region will suffer the same fate as these three.


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