Grantley Johnson Fundraiser

Not all heroes wear capes.

They say in adversity comes the true test of a person’s character. At six years old, over the last six or so months, Grantley Johnson is already showing more character than a lot of us do in a lifetime.

That’s when, back on April 8th, Grantley’s parents brought him in to the pediatrician for a rash that just wouldn’t go away. What they thought would be a simple matter of applying Benadryl ended shortly thereafter with their little boy being admitted to the hospital for what turned out to Acute Myeloblastic (AML) Leukemia.

Since then, the little boy from Fargo has received what doctors think will be his full course of chemo and had his port removed. And he’s kept smiling and kept his family hopping through an experience that could have leveled most grown men and women. His family describes him as one of the kindest, most fun kids they’ve ever known. They call him a superhero. But they need your help to keep him smiling.

That’s why his community is rallying around him this Saturday, October 6th, with a special fundraiser at El Zagal Shrine in North Fargo. His mother Leah Johnson and godmother Megan Dunlap joined the Morning Show’s Emily Welker live in-studio to talk about the fundraiser, Grantley’s diagnosis, and their hopes for his future.

Grantley Johnson Fundraiser

El Zagal Shrine

1429 3rd Street North, Fargo

Doors Open at 3:30 p.m.

Free-will Donation, Silent Auction, Live Music, Photo Booth, Bake Sale, Games Galore Inflatables

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